Jord wood watch giveaway

I’ve been obsessed with rose gold for many years, before it was readily available or trendy. I discovered it one day while on vacation in California in a cool little boutique. I was looking at a gold ring and a rose gold version was right next to it. I put it on, and so began my love affair with rose gold.

When I was contacted by Jord and saw this gorgeous wood watch with a rose gold face in their newest collection, I was so excited! This watch is even better in person. The quality is amazing, and it goes with absolutely everything in my closet! I wore it yesterday for the first time, and I have never received so many compliments on a watch!

The best part? Jord and I have partnered to host a giveaway! Just click this link to enter the contest to win a $100 Jord gift card. And guess what – EVERYONE who enters will receive a $50 Jord gift card! So everyone wins! 🙂 The link is only live for a couple days, so get your entries in!


Luxury Wooden Watch

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