2016 Fall Fashion: My Top 5 Trends

Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall! The leaves can’t turn soon enough, and I can’t wait any longer to dive into fall fashion. After a brief review, I will reveal my top 5 trends and my favorite designer look from each coming out of NYFW.

For fashionistas, September is everything. Fall fashion is starting to hit the shelves, and our favorite magazine’s produce their most important issue. I’ve devoured every page of the September fashion Bibles, have drooled over the designer showcases from NYFW, and am the most excited about this fall’s fashion than I have been in years.

Let’s discuss our 2016 fall fashionista. This season’s woman is feminine while edgy, delicate while bold. She is declaring that there are no boundaries and that her style represents more than one aspect of her personality and lifestyle. She’s pulling out all the stops… velvet, silk, lace, leather! She will wear a leather Moto jacket over a silk camisole with a blush pleated skirt and trainers and conquer the world. She is my new best friend.

Narrowing it down to 5 (which was no easy task) my favorite fashions of fall 2016 are:

1. Romantic pastels
2. Velvet
3. Lace & ruffles
4. Street/sport style
5. Military chic

1. Romantic pastels: BALMAIN





3. Lace & ruffles: BALMAIN



4. Street/sport style: VERSACE



5. Military chic: ROBERTO CAVALLI




Cheers to a gorgeous, romantic, confident, fashionable fall!

 💋 Kristin 


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  1. Great blog! Always love to see what the new fashions and trends are for fall! I will have to see what might work for me. 🙂


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