Picture Perfect

imageimageimageimagePicture perfect. Ahh but these simple words just don’t do the Amalfi Coast justice. When choosing my outfits for my trip, I felt that this was like a royal event, where beautiful dresses and skirts were the only items allowed. Standing on the edge of the mountain in Positano, overlooking the most incredible waters and a town so rich with history and magnificence, I breathed in the beauty and let it radiate through me. It was calming and transforming, and I at once felt both beautiful and at peace.

You see, clothing, “fashion,” has always been part of my life, my experiences. I see dressing as expression, as communication, as an extension of personality. The joy I get in styling women is so genuine. Helping women transform into their best confidence, and giving them an additional voice, is very gratifying. There is something to be said for putting on clothing that makes YOU feel happy. Whether you feel strong, bold, sexy, demure, or relaxed, the clothing you wear can share this mood without saying a word, if not to just enhance your personal understanding.

My personal style has many dimensions. and when determining what to wear, while I take into account the occasion, I dress more based on how I feel. Thus I find myself asking my clients, ‘how do you FEEL in that outfit?’ And typically, their organic response will reveal if we are on track. Those moments where a glimpse in the mirror produces a smile, the walk a little taller, are the moments of truth where we collectively know we have succeeded.

Back to Italy… my two favorite outfits from my trip reflected the beauty I felt from within and from the genuinely picture perfect Italian cities.


1. Dress: BCBG MaxAzria; Shoes: Calvin Klein

2. Skirt: Jens Pirate Booty; Shoes: Franco Sarto

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